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“Wherever you see experts overwhelmingly agreeing with one another, chances are it’s because they’re copying ideas from one another without thinking too deeply about them.”  So said Yoram Hazony, winner of the 2019 Conservative Book of the Year Award, in an interview with Elliot Resnick, former chief editor of The Jewish Press and host of The Elliot Resnick Show.  He continued:

“And this is something that goes all the way back to the Bible, which records that there were 450 prophets saying that the Baal is god and only one prophet, Elijah, saying that [YHVH] is the true god.”  Hence the name of this website: 1vs450.  

It feels  awkward challenging the consensus.  Can all the "elites" really be wrong?  The answer is yes.  They can be.  Not because they’re dumb but because:

1) they have no objective source of truth;

2) they don't think independently; they simply follow the herd. 

We do – and so should you.  We aren't arrogant.  We don’t think we’re smarter than other people.  But elite opinion in the West today is proudly divorced from the Bible and the “dead white males” responsible for Western civilization.  We aren’t.  We take inspiration from Abraham, Elijah, the Maccabees, and the American revolutionaries.  They were all minorities in their day – but who was right and who was wrong?

About Elliot Resnick

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Elliot Resnick is the creator of and the former chief editor of The Jewish Press.  He holds a PhD degree from Yeshiva University in Jewish Studies and is the author and editor of six books.  He is also the host of "The Elliot Resnick Show," with new episodes available every Monday and Wednesday on this site and all major podcast hosting forums.  His work has been featured, among other places, on Arutz 7,, The Daily Caller, WND, Newsweek, and Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

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