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Don't be intimidated. You're right. They're wrong.

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“Wherever you see experts overwhelmingly agreeing with one another, chances are it’s because they’re copying ideas from one another without thinking too deeply about them.  And this is something that goes all the way back to the Bible, which records that there were 450 prophets saying that the Baal is god and only one prophet, Elijah, saying that [YHVH] is the true god.”

 — Yoram Hazony, winner of the 2019 Conservative Book of the Year Award  

It feels  awkward challenging the consensus.  Can all the "elites" really be wrong?  The answer is yes.  They can be.  Not because they’re dumb but because:  1) they have no objective source of truth;  2) they don't think independently.  We do – and so should you.  Click here to read more about 1vs450 and its creator, Elliot Resnick, the former chief editor of The Jewish Press.


The Elliot Resnick Show features fighters and firebrands on the political and cultural battlefields as well as no-holds-barred political commentary. 

It's the enemy of the medicore, the milquetoast, and the mendacious, and the champion of the excellent, the honest, and the uncompromising.  Guests so far have included Terry Schilling, Laura Loomer, Dr. Miriam Grossman, Dr. Gilbert Doctorow, Scottie Nell Hughes, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, and Rabbi Chananya Weissman.

If you love bold ideas and and fearless personalities, this show is for you.  Canceled conservatives and their fans are especially welcome.

Articles by Elliot Resnick

Of General Interest

Where's Our Sense of Decency?

“Don’t you want to win?”

That’s what some conservatives are now saying to Trump supporters, convinced that Trump has no shot of getting elected in 2024.  I think they’re wrong – more on that below – but the case for supporting Trump goes beyond his viability as a candidate.  It gets to the core of what it means to be a conservative.  

Read the rest of the article on

Of Jewish Interest

No, YU Shouldn’t 'Love' Proud LGBT Students

I applaud Yeshiva University for so far refusing to sanction an LGBT club on its undergraduate campus.  


I’m puzzled, however, by several recent statements by YU in relation to this ongoing controversy. A few days ago, for example, it proclaimed, “[O]ur commitment to and love for our LGBTQ students are unshakable.” Huh? These LGBT students define themselves publicly by their desire to commit a sin and aim to normalize behaviors that the Torah deems an abomination. Why are you professing your love for them?

Read the rest of the article on Arutz 7.

Read more articles by Elliot Resnick here.


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Chess and Child-Rearing Corner

When Grandparents Have Other Ideas...

By John Rosemond


Our Question of the Week is, “Pray tell, what is ‘outdated’ about obedience, respect, proper manners, and humility?”                


Said question is prompted by numerous grandparents who have informed me that they are not qualified, apparently, to care for their grandchildren because they are not hip to the most up-to-date parenting methods.  They reprimand their grandchildren when they misbehave, for example.  Or, even more egregious, said grandparents absolutely refuse to negotiate in the face of tantrums.

One particularly abusive grandmother, when her five-year-old granddaughter bit another child during a playdate, confined the little vampire to her room for several hours.                

“Did you talk to her about other ways of expressing anger?” the very hip parents asked when they arrived home.  Her answer being “No, I did not,” Grandma is no longer allowed to have unsupervised visits lest she further damage the child’s psyche.


The five-year-old’s therapist (aka, “enabler-for-hire”) recommended the suspension, by the way, claiming that

chess latest.jpg

white to play, mate in two

(from National Master Evan Rabin – CEO, Premier Chess)

answer to last puzzle: 1. Qf5+ (forcing black to Nxf5); 2. e6#

continuing contact with Grandma might result in “setbacks.”  Apparently, the grandmother’s presence at the playdate caused the child to feel anxious, which she expressed by biting.  The child was simply responding to Grandma’s palpable “negativity.”  One must never forget that children misbehave not because they are inherently narcissistic, but because other people cause them to feel certain things.                


Another set of grandparents allowed their grandchildren, ages seven and four, to eat GMO foods while at their house for an extended weekend.  Upon discovering this nutritional catastrophe, the parents made the criminals sign a contract in which they pledged to never feed the grandkids anything but foods from a list prepared by the children’s bodyguards.                


You can’t make this stuff up.  Sixty years ago, who would have predicted a ubiquity of parents who all claim to be raising immaculate beings who are incapable of even thinking bad thoughts?  The word “bad” is so judgmental anyway.  People who use it should not be allowed to publicly advocate for a retro-parenting revolution featuring the return of families that are adult-centered, parents who are husband and wife first, mom and dad second, and children who possess respect for adults, proper manners, and inquiring minds.  Yes, folks, there was a time not so long ago when humility was the ideal, not a high level of esteem for one’s sorry self.                


This business of restricting or downright barring grandparents from the lives of their grandchildren (I’m assuming the former are morally upright people who simply do not subscribe to a post-1960s approach to raising children) is symptomatic of the neo-progressive notion that not only are new ideas better than old ideas, but the old ideas are downright dangerous and must be erased from the record.               


Despite child mental health being considerably better when children were second-class citizens, cherished but not given a vote, the new ideas are winning the popularity contest.  Therefore, my advice to grandparents is rather pessimistic: Hold on to your hats. It’s not getting better anytime soon.


John Rosemond is a popular family psychologist and the author of numerous bestselling books, including "The Well-Behaved Child,"  "Making the 'Terrible' Twos Terrific," and "Grandma Was Right After All."

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